We are the new face of Move-to-Earn.

Our Story and Future

Laufempire is a program that combines NFT, GameFi, and SocialFi aspects that rewards users for walking, moving, exercising and completing in-app tasks.

Our Vision

The platform's goal is to create a strong app platform and ecosystem that will bring millions of new individuals into the world of cryptocurrencies through the creation of various apps.

It should be straightforward for individuals to discover the potential of cryptocurrency and see how it can improve their life. Laufempire’s objective is to be one of the top three Move-To-Earn applications.

We are constantly dedicated to their goals. They intend to broaden and promote their use as a health statement and health vision, allowing as many individuals as possible to see the truth about their health.

PLATFORM services

Laufempire is dedicated to assisting people in living healthy and active lives.

Laufempire regularly records its customers’ walking and running progress in order to build a thorough training plan.

Laufempire is a web 3.0 application that links one’s daily need. This application is compatible with a wide range of devices and allows users to effortlessly measure their daily heart rate while also supporting them in improving their health.

The route path is recorded by laufempire so that it may be merged into an image mode, which individuals can then convert to NFT, turn into a valuable asset, and sell on a separate market.